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What is RAHAM?​


The Saratoga Community, is where we we've planted our flag, for not only is it "where the mess was made and thus where the atonement must be sought" as our Founder articulates, but it is also in the heart of the  48205 zip code; one of the most ill-affected areas in the city of Detroit, and reported to be one of the most dangerous areas in the country.

 We believe this is so due to a lack of spaces and places to properly express and channel energy and creativity;

 the breakdown in families and an ages old case of reflecting environment.



Selecting a substantial amount of desolate and unproductive space and after engaging the people and present spaces as to ascertain local support and assistance, committing to transforming said space via the hands of the people who live there.

In the process of clearing lots, beautifying lots, establishing gardens and areas of recreation and entertainment and culture; and buildings for Community to happen, we will be teaching the youth enduring skills in all of the aforementioned fields of endeavor- that they may continue the process, strengthening family and thus community bonds, which will engender security and collective preservation; and provide opportunity for all members of the community, inclusive of children with special needs, members of the community who identify as LGBTQ, the Elderly and currently and formerly incarcerated Persons. SEE OUR PROGRAMS

our first endeavor will be "The Saratoga Engagement".

We hope to establish a model herein, that can be copied and pasted not only in different neighborhoods, but cities and states as well.


The "MasterMind Group"

(board of directors)

"The Mastermind Principal consists of an alliance of two or more minds 

working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective." 

Napoleon Hill

"I am smart enough to know where I am ignorant,

 and aimed to fill the roles accordingly."

Founder/Executive Director Phillip Sample

Phillip Sample


Executive Director

was born to a single young mother December 10, 1975 in impoverished Detroit Michigan. He was raised between the slums of Detroit, Michigan and the gang ridden Southside of Chicago, Illinois. As a result of dysfunctional and unstable housing, ill-education and violence, Phillip became his environment. He joined a gang at 11 years of age and became the leader of his own gang by the time he was 14. Phillip caught his first felony as a juvenile and continued to expand his criminal record until he was convicted of 3 counts of assault with intent to commit murder at 18 years of age and sentenced to 12-20 years in the MDOC. While in prison he began to undergo self-evaluation and inevitably would began the process of self-transformation. He became heavily involved with prison politics and experienced the horrors of incarceration to the fullest extent. Released after serving 15 years, Phillip has returned to society with intent to amend his past actions and contribute to the re-building of the community that he helped to destroy. He is currently the owner of The Passion of The Life LLC., Circle Member at the Criminal Justice Initiative (CJI) and Co-Owner of HMI Ent. 

Tepfirah Hanna

Co Founder

Ass. Executive Director

has worked with one of the city’s leading environmental organizations, The Greening of Detroit, in varying capacities including developing conservation skills in youth, vacant land remediation, youth and adult farmer training programs, and has worked hard to provide resources and technical assistance to hundreds of gardens in the city. She currently serves as Greenings Director of Urban Agriculture. A native Detroiter with a passion for uplifting her community, she helped form Sowin’ Seeds community garden on the cities lower eastside which has a goal of being an example of community power, self- sufficiency, and healthy eating. She has proudly serves on the steering committee for the Uprooting Racism Planting Justice Initiative in Detroit which fosters dialogue about race and inequality in the city. Other notable projects include helping to complete the Detroit Residential Parcel Survey in 2009, which helped to map the vacant land in Detroit and make this information available to community members. Currently, she is a board member for the Detroit Food Policy Council. 

Greg McKenzie

Founding Member


a life-long Detroiter, attained an Associates of Arts Degree from Lewis College of Business in 1999, a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Business Management from Davenport University in 2004 and a Master’s in Business Administration (CPA concentration) from Davenport University in 2013. He has worked in accounting in various industries for the past 18 years. As a second generation accountant, Gregory provides accounting and business consulting services through the family business Unicorn Unlimited, Inc. He is socially active on a volunteer basis in the metropolitan Detroit community in the areas of youth development, social justice and food sovereignty.  

Rev. Menes Steel

Founding Member


Spiritual Advisor

was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Detroit, Michigan. After a troubled start with gangs and the streets and seeing several comrades suffer the misfortunes thereof, he changed his life. He is currently a spiritual teacher, intercessor and servant. He is a member of Mercy Missionary Baptist Church where he faithfully serves the congregation. He also works for the Religious Sisters of Mercy as an EVS Tech. He further runs God’s Light Support Services telephone prayer line twice a week. He has obtained a AA in Biblical Studies/Christian Ministry from Ohio Christian University and is currently pursuing a BA in Pastoral Leadership/Ministry. 

Miranda Nedd

Director of

Youth Programs

is a 7th grade student with a 3.8 gpa. With accolades for Honor Roll and Citizenship. She is a member of the schools Welcoming Committee and Principles Forum; and serves on the Service Squad. She is taking Spanish as a secondary language and is active in the Drama Club and her block club.

David Leak

Director of Education

a native Detroiter, graduate of Osborn High and Grand Valley State is the Owner and CEO of DPR Educational Services. He has over 15 years of experience in the teaching field, with over 10,000 in class teaching hours grades K-College. He not only writes curriculum, but also recruit, train, place, monitor and evaluate instructors to which he’s sent into and worked with over 50 schools in the Metro Detroit Area. DPR Educational Services provide several academic enrichment classes for out-of-school-time programs, during school, summer programs and workshops for students and parents.

Demetrius Sanders

Director of

Health & Fitness

was born in Flint Michigan and currently resides in the Metro-Detroit area. Incarcerated at the age of sixteen; he served 9 years and was released, June 24th 2008. Since his release from prison, Demetrius has obtained a National Exercise Trainers Association certificate as a Personal Trainer. He has completed course work in Human Structure and Function, Diet and Exercise, Nutrition, Physical Well-Being, English Composition 1 & 2, Fundamentals of Speech and currently holds a certificate in Youth Mental First Aid. He has coached and mentored the young men of the Henry Ford High School football team and has volunteered at the Capuchin Soup kitchen on Detroit’s Eastside in the Rosa Parks children/youth program. Demetrius believes that the keys to success are to see your goals, understand your obstacles, create a positive mental picture, clear your mind of self doubt, embrace the challenge, stay focused and show the world you can do it

AyLaina Verdejo- Thornton

Director of

Arts, Crafts & Creativity

AyLaina “AnaLyraSis” Verdejo, the analytical lyrical sister, is a spoken word artist, activist, mentor, youth group leader, actress, motivational speaker and formerly incarcerated person. She has opened for nationally recognized poets and has graced the stages of most of Detroit’s hottest open mics. AnaLyraSis is currently working on her own cd and book. She is one of the faces of a new promotion for, The Word Network, which has syndicated globally her commercial. She works diligently towards prison reform and the reducing of the recidivism rates in our fair city through art. She works with inner city youth as a mentor and group leader. AnaLyraSis also works in her professional life as a fundraiser for national charities. She has spoken openly about her testimony being a returning citizen as showcased in the documentary, Creative Impact Michigan. 


From our inception, 2017, until 

our endeavors connect and merge with the efforts of those endeavoring around us

cleanliness and beauty outweigh blight 

we reduce and eventually eradicate crime in our area

we reduce and eventually bring the recidivism rate to 0% in our area


We aim to partner with, if we haven't already, any and every person, group and/or organization in our area doing similar or relative work. 

we will assume responsibility for every desolate, unclean and unhealthy space in our area

 we will not just obtain cleanliness, but we will maintain it

we will take care of what we create

via empowering the people in the area with the skills , tools and mentality to take care of where they live.

via  events and programs that bring people together in soup and labor, we will espouse community

we will establish resident patrols and a radio communication network 

we will illuminate our area with lights, colors and beauty; all of which deter crime and inspire humanity

we will offer opportunity to build and create to formerly incarcerated persons

program(s) that address the mental, material and social needs of returning persons  and

giving them something positive to be apart of .